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With respect to furnishing your home you have three basic choices: 1) hire a professional to help you, 2) shop local furniture & accessories stores and 3) shop online.  These are three very different experiences:

Working with me is by far the easiest and best way because I help you make the right selections for your budget and style then do all of the work.  This is true no matter the size or complexity of your project.

Shopping online is by far the worst option for getting the best result and it is also the riskiest.  Even if there is a 100% money back guarantee you still must repack and reship it.  Talk about a drain on your time!  Use the internet for research and education but not for furnishing your home, which is something the average person may do 2-3 times in her lifetime!  Its just too important.

Just about everyone has shopped at furniture and accessory stores so I don't have to remind you what that's like...lots of walking, driving and wading through a sea of beige products!  Some stores provide "design services" but they are seriously limited in terms the range of services provided and the expertise of the person helping you.

My advice is for you to decide what is most important.  If you want the best possible result and would like to someone else to do the work, give me a call.  

The first consultation is free of charge!


Jeanette and her team are currently at Highpoint Market in North Carolina where she had the opportunity to meet with world reknown designer Candice Olson.

The team also met with Libby Langdon, who was introducing her line with Braxton Culler.  This is the second time we've had a chance to hang out with Libby (last year in Memphis!)

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