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$20,000 Luxury Living Room Giveaway!

We are proud to introduce Ashleigh and Lionel Anderson as the winners of the $20,000 Luxury Living Room Giveaway!  They are such a cute and deserving couple.  We are as excited as they are about decorating their space!

To view photos from the Grand Opening of our new Design Studio and Resource Center, as well as the Grand Prize announcement click HERE.


Does Your Living Room Need a Makeover?

Do you have...


  • worn, broken or mismatched furniture?
  • a color scheme that is outdated or no longer fits your style or taste?
  • furniture that does not fit, either because it’s too small or large for the space?
  • not completed your space? for example: you are missing furniture, window treatments, rugs, art, and/or accessories.
  • combined furnishings as a result of a marriage, adult children or an aged parent moving in, or have recently inherited furniture? 
  • friends or family members who have said or implied that “it’s time for an update”?
  • children who don’t invite their friends over because they are embarrassed?
  • avoided entertaining guests, co-workers, or friends and family for the same reason?
  • a space that just "doesn’t work" and can’t seem to “fix it” no matter what you do?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, call for a free consultation (if you win the contests, we'll have a headstart on your room!)


GRAND PRIZE WINNERS Ashleigh and Lionel